Emma Wood



In Between Trains

Previously to this project I had visited King’s Cross St. Pancras as a commuter. When walking through the square I noticed simultaneous actions, interactions and encounters that were happening around me. To seize these moments within the frame I waited for a synergy of interactions before shooting.

This project endeavours to convey an essence of the atmosphere I experienced at King’s Cross Square, to capture it as a microcosm of society. I returned to shoot different compositions at the same location everyday for a week, shooting for approximately three hours each time. I did not attempt to conceal that I was taking photographs. My goal was to become part of the background; I felt that if I stayed there long enough people would become used to my presence and not be inhibited by it.

During my fourth shoot I started to notice there was a real difference between the amount of people and the time of day. The influx of people was noticeable as trains arrived and departed, this led to the pairing of my selected images. Two images from one shoot have been paired next to each other to create a visual representation of the scene as it changes ‘in between trains’, to convey the contrast in commotion between these moments.