Emma Wood



This piece is based on an image I copied during childhood. When I was young and at primary school we were given a task to draw an image we liked from a book; I chose Roses (1895) by Henri Fantin-Latour. When researching an image for this project I came across this painting again. I thought it would be interesting to revisit this subject and explore it through the medium of photography; with the aim that completing the same task many years later acts as a connection as well as showing the distance between the past and the present.

I decided to make rather than buy or source real flowers to be photographed. The reason for making the flowers is derived from events happening in my life. Leaving home to study at university I came to live in a different environment than what I was used to. Before I left home my sister gave me a rose from our garden. I have kept this flower with me since that time and over time it has dried. The idea for making flowers comes from a longing for nature, something real, something that reminds me of home.

Before making my flowers I researched different types of roses and came across a rose named Rose ‘Fantin-Latour’. I used images of this rose as a reference when making my flowers. Therefore, the roses within my photograph are based on the Rose ‘Fantin-Latour’.

Using mixed media within this image creates a narrative between the original image and my copy of it. The original image: Pink Roses (1875) by Henri Fantin-Latour is a painting of roses. My image is a photograph of flowers made from paper, which have been painted. It is as if Fantin-Latour’s 2D painting has come to life in 3D flowers, which have then been photographed as a 2D photograph. The shift between these dimensions captures an interaction between painting, sculpture and photography.