Emma Wood



The objective of this project was to create a set of prints that explore the theme ‘Skin’. I chose to represent this theme as a barrier between the model and the viewer. This barrier was expressed in the form of the four classical natural elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These elements reflect the most basic components, which everything consists of. They reference ancient beliefs derived from the phases of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

I was inspired by Madeleine Waller, who photographed a model before and after an activity in an exterior location. The subject’s pose and presentation changed in response to the weather conditions. My aim was to create a link between the model’s pose and the natural elements, for example in my ‘Fire’ print the fire is reflected by the model’s hairstyle. I adjusted her hair to form subtle curving shapes that referenced the flickering flames in the fire shoot to which the image would be combined. Compared to Waller, I captured these components separately. First shooting the model in a considered pose then combining it with a separate image from the natural element shoot.