Emma Wood



For this project I have explored the theme ‘Structures’ through contrasting textures and shapes within natural and the human forms. For example, combining spikey aloe vera plants with delicate rose petals.       

The subject matter and studio lighting of my aloe vera/rose print was inspired by the straight compositions of botanicals by Imogen Cunningham. The combining of human and natural forms was influenced by Helen Sear’s ‘Inside the View’ digital images. Sear combines female subjects with landscapes to allow the viewer to ‘see through the subject’s eyes’. Her work also explores texture by altering the flatness of the surface of photographs by drawing lace-like lines over the image on Photoshop.           

I experimented with darkroom techniques including sandwich printing and ‘burning-in’. Through trial and error I developed a variety of methods for making my prints. These included using two enlargers and different paper thicknesses to combine multiple negatives.